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Creating good schedules is very challenging. There are more possible ways to pick the best plan than atoms in the universe. Our software benefits from a proven and exact mathematical approach in order to find the best schedules quickly.

Respect the restricted availabilities of sport sites

Ligalytics uses the availability of sport sites and plans around restricted and blocked sites

Increase number of spectators

The Ligalytics Scheduler can take into account restrictions and preferences of teams and locations in order to increase the number of spectators - both on-site but also through broadcasters

More attractive and fair schedules

A fair schedule is very important for all professional leagues. Ligalytics creates schedules taking into account a fair balance between weak and strong teams

Fulfilling wishes of sponsors

In order to maximize revenues of sponsors their special wishes will be reflected in the schedule

Reducing time and complexity of creating schedules

Using the Ligalytics planning interface professional sport leagues could significantly reduce the time to create a complete schedule from months to hours

Increase attractiveness of schedules for broadcasters leading to more revenue

More attractive schedules mean a larger audience for broadcasters leading to higher revenue

15+ Years Experience in Professional Sport Leagues Scheduling

For more than ten years, our experts have been providing custom made sports scheduling solutions for several major national and international sports leagues. In these years, they have developed sophisticated algorithms taking the numerous different requirements of their specific partners into account. This way, leagues could not only achieve the best possible solutions for the format they have been working with in the past. They also learned how to change their format to fulfil the maximum amount of requirements possible.

A Selection Of Our Customer References

Basketball Austria


Basketball Bundesliga


Basketball Champions League


Champions Hockey League


Danmarks Ishockey Union


Deutsche Eishockey Liga


Deutscher Fußball-Bund


Euroleague Basketball




German Football League

American Football

Indian Super League


Lega Basket


Ligue Nationale Rugby


Metal Ligaen


The Basketball League


Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga


Tischtennis Bundesliga

Table Tennis

UAE Pro League




Basketball Scheduling Survey

Ligalytics has conducted a survey with 44 participating leagues and associations to collect the requirements of the leagues and to measure the the imapct of IT-based systems on their schedules.

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