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Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we revolutionize sports league scheduling in mere seconds - surpassing conventional approaches. Dive into the future of planning!

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Unlock the full power of sports leagues with our premier solutions and unmatched expertise. Dive into a transformative experience that redefines the way sports operations work. Experience the innovation that's trusted by over 60 leagues globally.


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Beyond Scheduling: Where Strategy Meets Execution

Incorporating the perspectives and priorities of all stakeholders, we maximize spectator engagement with finely-tuned schedules. Prioritize the demands of leagues, teams, sponsors, and broadcasters. Harness the best of sports site allocations. Transition from prolonged planning months to efficient hours.


Revolutionary Draw Automation

Experience a revolution in league setups with our advanced draw software, expertly designed to automate the drawing process, assigning teams to groups swiftly and according to the competition rules. Our software ensures a transparent and unbiased grouping, fostering a competitive and balanced league structure. Moreover, our versatile platform seamlessly integrates into existing systems, offering capabilities such as creating dynamic visuals for media broadcasters, enhancing the presentation and understanding of the draw results. Embrace the future of soccer league management today and elevate your game with our comprehensive solution.


Automated Referee Assignments, Seamless Match Days

Step into the new age of sports management with our streamlined referee scheduling SaaS solution. Eliminate the hassle of manual coordination by automatically assigning the right referees to the right games, saving time and ensuring a smooth match day experience. Enhance your league operations effortlessly with our intelligent platform.


Customized Tournaments, Elevated Engagement

Navigate the intricacies of competition layouts, balancing teams, phases, and playoffs for optimal engagement. Harness the fusion of media perks, refined play calendars, and license nuances. With expertise spanning all sports, we shape contests that captivate every stakeholder.


Seamless Scheduling for Sports Federations Unveiled

Experience seamless season planning with our advanced scheduling system, specifically designed for sports federations. Effortlessly create conflict-free timetables that align with team and venue availabilities, simplifying the transition from planning to game day. Gear up for a vibrant and successful season with our innovative solution.

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Solutions and expertise unlocking leagues' full potential

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Solutions and expertise unlocking leagues' full potential

Scheduling Solutions Tailored for Top Leagues. Delve into our case studies, showcasing tailored solutions for diverse sporting challenges. See how we've partnered with leading leagues worldwide.

Case Study

European League of Football: Artificial Intelligence for the perfect game schedule

After the expansion to twelve teams from five nations, the European League of Football now relies on the professionals from Ligalytics to create the optimal game schedule.
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Case Study

Ligalytics creates the match schedule of the world's biggest cricket league

Starting with the upcoming season, the Indian Premier League relies on the AI powered software and the long-standing experience of the German match scheduling experts.
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Case Study

First tier league in Finish football Veikkausliiga shifts from XLS-sheets to Ligalytics

In the past the Veikkausliiga created their match schedules manually based on XLS-sheets and one-on-one feedback calls.
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